Chapel Ward

Ernie & Olga Shorton

Chapel Ward is a new ward formed from parts of Denton, Newburn and Westerhope.

Independent campaigners Ernie and Olga Shorton have lived in Chapel Park for almost 40 years. They both have a long history of working for the local community and have stood up for this area for many years.

After a successful career with  a major international company, Ernie worked in “George’s” in Chapel House for many years and is actively involved in the local church and other community groups, as well as actively helping others. Local family man Ernie has a proven track record of dedicating his time to the community.

Former community nurse Olga is a proud mother and grandmother. She is well known to many having brought her children up in the area.

Like the current independent councillors in Westerhope, Olga and Ernie are determined to fight for, and deliver, the best possible deal for the new ward - a new beginning?


Top right - Olga & Ernie at Chapel House shops.

Left - Ernie & Olga with independent councillors Marc Donnelly and Pat Hillicks campaigning against a proposal for an open cast mine at North Walbottle.


Promoted by Ernie Shorton on behalf Olga Shorton and Ernie Shorton, both at 28 Grosvenor Way, Chapel Park,  Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 1SF.

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